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Schedule a Vacation / House Check

  1. Going on vacation? One item on your vacation preparation list should be a request for the Vacation House Watch Program with the Carthage Police Department (Carthage, Missouri). This program works to help ensure the security of your home while you're away. Carthage homeowners can be placed on the "Vacation House Watch" list by completing a form at the Carthage Police Department, or by submitting your request below. The exterior of your home will then be checked periodically by a police officer and if any sign of forced entry or unexpected change occurs, the Carthage Police Department will refer to the information provided and notify the emergency contact listed. After your return, please contact the Carthage Police Department at 417-237-7200 and we will remove you from the Vacation House Watch Program. Have a safe trip!

    Please submit your request at least three days before your starting date

    I request that my residence be placed on the Vacation Watch List by the Carthage (Missouri) Police Department and authorize Police Officers to conduct periodic residence security checks throughout the time period stated below.

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