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Request for Public Records

  1. Requests must be for records in the possession of the City of Carthage. Requests must also be focused and specific, and must reasonably describe identifiable records.

    You will be notified within ten days whether your request seeks copies of disclosable public records in the possession of this agency. In most cases, your request will be processed in ten days.

    The City may invoke a 14 day extension of time to determine whether to comply with your request if there is a need to:

    1. Search for and collect the requested records from field facilities.
    2. Search for and examine a voluminous number of records.
    3. Consult with another agency or City Department having substantial interest in the determination of the request.

    You will be notified of the approximate number of pages and/or length of time it will take to process your request.

    If your request is to inspect the records (rather than receive copies), an appointment will be made with you once the records are gathered.

    There is a charge for the direct cost of duplication ($0.10 per page). Payment must be made prior to release of the requested records. If the documents requested exceed 100 pages, a deposit will be requested.

    Records available for review and/or copies of records requested will be available for 10 days after notification of their availability. If you are unable to pick-up or view your records during this time period, notification is required, or your request will be considered fulfilled and a new request must be made.

    Certain records are generally exempt from disclosure pursuant to Government Code Section 6255, where the public interest served by not making the records public clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the records. The Government Code further provides that certain records are specifically exempt from disclosure.

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