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Manufacturing Application

  1. Manufacturing License

    Information needed to process a Manufacturing License Application:

    • Sales Tax Certificate
    • No Sales Tax Due Letter
    • Certificate of Occupancy
  2. Credit Card Payment

    City of Carthage Online Payment System

  3. Important

    • A Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Public Works Department. 
      • Public Works
        Phone: 417-237-7010

    Manufacturing Application
    City of Carthage
    326 Grant
    Carthage, MO 64836
    Fax: 417-237-7002
    Phone: 417-237-7000

    Renewable January 1st Delinquent February 15th

  4. After Hours Contact

  5. Annual Fee
  6. Gross Receipt Amount:

    Total Amount Due:

  7. For further information or questions contact by email. If paid after February 15th, add 2% per month beginning January 1st. This form must be completed and returned with check if no longer in business, please return form with closing date.

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